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“PHD in Kalyan’s Program by Dr. Laura”

Dec 10

Many sorrows in human’s heart become confined within them. If the sorrows are not vented out, people become restless. They feel heavy hearted as sorrow is load in itself. Like a weight of 100 kg.

“Instead of being pressed under these heavy sorrows, one has to share them with those who are near you. If no one is there with you, I will be there”, meaning “Your Dear Kalyan”, Kalyan Gautam, comes on Hits FM with his program “Mero Katha Mero Geet” being the forum where the sufferers can share their sorrows. The listeners of this program have not decreased till date where Dear Kalyan potrays the real stories in the format of screenplay of a film since 8 years through this FM. There are now more than half a dozen of FMs in the capital. But “Mero Katha, Mero Geet” has its own type of listeners.

Laura Kunreuther who has done serious studies in the subject of human interest towards FMs have gone to the door steps of the homes of most of the audiences who have sent letters to Dear Kalyan.”After understanding their pain so closely, I have concluded that Mero Katha Mero Geet has become the forum to raise voice against the strong social structure of the house. Also, a forum where the love marriage is expressed in the great way instead of just praising the marriage arranged by family” said Dr. Laura.

This program has helped to reach the difficulties like not accepting the cast system instead of understanding its importance in the human life, divorce, disagreement to wealth related issues and not permitted marriage to the family members and friends says according to Dr. Laura. Like the Chinese ex radio presenter Jiner Na Jeu had published the book of real events ” Worders on the Night” based on the famous radio program, Kalyan has also brought out the book on “Mero Katha Mero Geet”. Kalyan Gautam claims that the heart wrenching story of Pema Sherpa included in his book has come up in the Hindi feature film “Kya Kehna Hai”.

He says, “I had presented Pema’s story five years ago”. This has been reflected on the screen same to same.” Mero Katha, Mero Geet ” which has not been noticed by the Nepalese film producer has been noticed by the Hindi film workers and Kalyan takes pride on it. He is sure that the stories can also be the story subject for the Nepalese films. This book is really worthy as it has carried emotions of many people and can be the companion in the time of sorrow.

>> Source – Samacharpatra, Volume 8, Issue 17, 2059-10-13 B.S. (27th January 2003)